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STATUS: OPEN, but picky

UPDATED: 12/2023
Terms of Service

  • Payment is required upfront. No exceptions.  

  • This is the full menu but the availability of certain commissions change. Doesnt hurt to ask. 

  • I will send a sketch for approval before continuing. [ doodle pages dont apply] 

  • It is up to you, the commissioner, to provide me with as much detail and information as possible. I don't need a ref sheet, but I need the info. This includes any posing or wardrobe.  

  • I will not make changes to the drawing beyond the sketch process, unless it is my own mistake. For coloring you get two free revisions. Revisions afterwards cost $5 per revision. 

  • Refunds are available up to a certain point for fully colored works. If I start sketching your commission you can get a partial refund, which deducts the price of  a sketch. No refunds for line art  / doodle pages once i’ve started working.  


Will draw:

  • SFW couples

  • Most animals, hybrids, or original species [ Love Drawing Pets! ] 

  • Fandom Characters [ MLP, Pokemon, Digimon, Certain Disney Characters ]*

  • Humans/humanoid [ not the best, but i'll try! ] 

  • Artistic nudity

  • Basically anything that's not listed below 


Maybe Draw

  • Commissions with more than two characters [ I’m picky ] 


Won’t draw:

  • Large/ Detailed Commissions. 

  • Gore/ Outright violence [ CandyGore is OK ] 

  • Bathroom related stuff 

  • Anything homophobic/racist/sexist or degrading. 

  • Mecha or vehicles  



* Copyrighted characters are not available for sticker commissions, sorry!

ojii memorial.png


free shipping in the U.S. + $10 shipping for everywhere else  


Doodle Page: $50
9" x 12" page of doodles on bristol paper. pick a character or a theme!
A splash of color: +$10 

Posca Doodle: $65

a doodle  painted in Posca Pens.
Drawn on Mixed Media Paper. 

IMG_20220825_115056061 (1).jpg
AC cyrus complete.jpg

watercolor: $125
An illustration painted on cold press watercolor paper.

Additional Character: + $30
Complex Backgrounds: + $40


Chibi: $60
Cute + SMALL!
one character
w/ simple background

Sprinkles Artfight.jpg

flat color
bust: $65
full body: $85

additional Character: +$20 
Complex background: +$30

commisison chasesketch.jpg

character design: $90

think of it as baby's first ref sheet. sketch w/ one pose, color palette and a little info you would like others to know!

Deluxe Ref Sheet: $200

twix ref sheet 2017 sfw.jpg

Includes Two views of your choice, two drawn details, color palette, 3 facts and three outfits 

twix ref sheet  chibis.jpg

Con Badges

4 x 6 , sent in a badge holder with Clip!
free shipping in the U.S. + $10 shipping for everywhere else  


[ example of crayon badge ] 
Crayon: $50

Digital [ monochrome bust ] : $60
Digital [ full color bust ]: $70

Deluxe Watercolor: $100

Custom Vinyl Stickers


[ examples of stickers ] 
Digital artwork come to life! This commission Includes
10 vinyl stickers sent to your house!
[ 3
.5” at the widest part ]  
Additional Stickers: $3 per sticker


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